Perth Gutter Cleaning offer a wide range of services including minor roof repairs. Roof damage can lead to serious internal roof and structural damage. Early detection of roof damage can save on costly repairs in the future. We recommend having your roof and gutters inspected twice a year as fixing small problems will be kinder to your budget than finding out in a few years time that the damage has escalated.


Such damage includes:

  • Broken, craked or lifted roof tiles.

  • Damaged gutters.

  • Lifted or damaged roof flashing.

  • Rusted or damaged metal roof sheets.

  • Failed roof sealants.

  • Moss and fungus.

If you have any concerns regarding the condition of your roof, we can perform an inspection for any signs of damage and present you with some options to repair the damage.

Most minor repairs can be completed on the same day and we can offer discounts if you have booked in a gutter cleaning service with us. Don't risk your safety by attempting any roof repairs or gutter cleaning yourself. Perth Gutter Cleaning are fully equipped to perform these repairs safely. Contact us to enquire.