Tips for how to safely clean your home Gutters in Perth.

For people who prefer to clean their own gutters in Perth, Western Australia here's some tips on how to do so in a safe manner.

Ensure you have the right tools for the job.

Whilst gutter cleaning seems like an easy task, having the right tools is important. Such tools include a ladder, brush, gloves, garbage bags, gloves, broom and rake.

Make sure the working area is safe.

Place your ladder on a hard and level surface, use a ladder guard for extra safety. ome people prefer to use a step ladder. Do not get on your roof if it is slippery, we advise cleaning your gutters during the day when the sun is out to avoid slipping on your roof. Have all of your tools easily accessible in your working area.

Getting the waste out of your gutters.

Using the brush handle will allow you to scoop the debris out of narrow gutters. Place this into your garbage bag and continue this process around the perimiter of your house. The safest method is to sit approximately 50cm away from your gutter and shuffle along as you are cleaning. Once complete, it is recommended to use a leaf blower to remove the fine debris that may have been missed. Lastly using your hose, flush your gutter by aiming the water toward your down pipe. This will ensure that your gutters and down pipes are functioning as they should. We also recommend removing any leaves that may be stuck in your roof valleys.

Call the professionals if you feel like the job is too risky!

Don't risk a fall, call the team at Perth Gutter Cleaning for a professional and thorough service. Our Gutter Vacuum will remove all waste safely from your gutters.

Have any Gutter Cleaning tips to share?.. we'd love to hear what you think!

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