Perth Gutter Cleaning offer various repairs to damaged gutters and down pipes. Rusted or broken gutters can lead to leaking and it's important to have this professionally repaired to avoid further damage to your home. Different types of damage include:

  • Bracket damage. If a gutter is filled with leaves, this can weight down your gutters causing damage to the brackets.

  • Fascia damage. Your fascia is a major component of a fully functional guttering system. Water can spill over your gutters causing them to rust.

  • Foundation cracking. Water that isn't channelled away to your down-pipes and stays pooled in your gutters can lead to cracking and rust.

In most cases if we pick up early signs of gutter damage on the day of cleaning your gutters, we have the necessary tools to perform minor repairs on site. This may involve using a sealant to repair any holes or cracks in your gutter. 

If the damage to your gutters is more extensive, then we will present some repair options for you to consider.

Remember, the small costs involved doing a minor repair on your gutter far outweigh the potential costs for a complete replacement of your gutters due to neglect.