There are many benefits of maintaining clean gutters to ensure blockages don't lead to more serious damage to your roof and gutters. Perth Gutter Cleaning can professionally clean all gutters to ensure they are working as they should by removing all waste and debris from your gutters.


Gutters manage the flow of water away from your home and into your down pipes. Gutters fill with leaves, sticks and debris over the winter and if you haven’t cleaned them out, the uncontrolled water flow can have a devastating effect on your home. If your gutters are blocked, they can pool water and flow back into your eaves and eventually into your roof and wall cavities causing internal damage.


Other Gutter Cleaning contractors who are not fully equipped for gutter cleaning services may not be able to access all areas of your roof and as a result, might not clean your gutters thoroughly. Don't risk your safety by attempting to clean your gutters yourself, leave that to the team at Perth Gutter Cleaning.


  • Fully functional gutters will drain the water from your roof, through to your down pipes.

  • Blocked gutters will direct rain water under your eaves and into your roof, clean gutters will allow the water to flow through your gutters and into your down pipes correctly.

  • Dry leaves and debris that is blocked in your gutters can become a fire hazard in the dry summer months. Flying embers can cause spot fires and clean gutters will reduce or eliminate this risk.

  • Gutters can become rusted and damaged from water trapped in your gutters, leading to expensive costs.

  • Blocked gutters can lead to internal roof moisture and damage.

  • Reduce Pest infestation; mosquitoes and other insects that thrive in stagnant water.

  • Extends the lifespan of your roof.

  • Improved street appeal by up-keeping your home.

The team at Perth Gutter Cleaning have been in this industry for over 10 years and have serviced hundreds of homes around Perth. We use modern cleaning techniques to ensure a professional clean each time. Get the job done right the first time and contact the professionals at Perth Gutter Cleaning.



Generally, we would recommend having your gutters cleaned 2-4 times per year. This frequency can vary depending on the area you live in and the number of trees around your home. Even if you don't have many trees around your home, leaves and debris can travel a long distance with strong winds and land on your roof and in your gutters. We offer additional services such as gutter guard installation which can save you money in the long run by protecting your gutters from falling leaves. Contact us for more information on pricing for our range of gutter guards.




We will consider the following factors when deciding on the cost to clean your gutters:

  • House size and height. The cost of gutter cleaning will increase depending on how big your house is and how many storeys due to the added safety risk involved with working at heights while performing our work. 

  • Gutter size. The square meterage will be considered when calculating the cost to clean your gutters. Bigger gutter distance around your home will generally increase the costs.

  • Surrounding Trees. Generally the price will be much lower if there aren't many trees around your house. Trees that are in close proximity to your gutters will more than likely be clogged with leaves making it more difficult to clean your gutters.

  • Gutter Condition. If you regularly have your gutters professionally cleaned, there will generally be minimal debris in your gutters making is a lot easier to clean. Blocked gutters that haven't been cleaned for a while are much harder to clean and this will affect the gutter cleaning quote.

  • Gutter Extras. If you have previously had gutter guards installed and require these to be removed prior to having your gutters cleaned and have them re-installed, this would come at an additional cost to perform this task. This cost is calculated based on the condition of your gutter guards as well as risk and time taken to complete.




The team at Perth Gutter Cleaning use a mixture of cleaning methods depending on the condition of your gutters and how blocked they are. Generally, most gutters can be cleared of leaves and debris by manually removing by hand. This waste is then bagged up and removed from your property. In some cases, if you have a large house with a lot of gutters, we can use our gutter vacuum to get to the hard to reach places. In bushy and rural areas with a lot of trees, we can use our petrol blower to remove all of the leaves from your gutters. We then clear your down pipes and flush your gutters to ensure the water is flowing through all of your gutters correctly. Please advise us which method you require including any add-ons as this may affect your quote.


  • Check your gutters regularly. In the lead up to a storm look for any blockages caused by over hanging branches or leaves as this will lead to roof leaks and furter damage. After a storm or heavy rain, look for any signs of over flowing which is a sign of blocked gutters.

  • Call in the experts. Don't risk attempting any gutter cleaning or repairs yourself, as this is a job for a properly equipped team of professionals. The small cost outweighs the potential injury that may be caused by attempting this yourself. It’s always better to call in the experts with risky home maintenance jobs like gutter cleaning, especially if you need to climb a ladder to access your roof.

  • Understand your insurance. It is important that you understand your insurance cover and what is included in the event of making a claim. Damage to your home caused by blocked or leaking gutters may not be covered by your insurance policy, this is why it's important to have your gutters cleaned regularly.





A good gutter cleaner will check your gutters for early signs of damage and perform a general check over of your roof to identify and report any damage to your roof tiles. This will reduce the risk of further damage to your roof and gutters if picked up early. Perth Gutter Cleaning offer a free roof and gutter check with every gutter cleaning service.

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